About the Artist

Owl Adventures is written and illustrated by Sarah Hudson. Sarah is an artist and author based out of Edmonton, Canada. She has a Bachelor of Media Arts in Film, Video, and Integrated Media from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada, and comes from an independent film and visual storytelling background. (She also paints!)

She grew up in Northern BC, where she was inspired by the quirky lives of real birds in the wild.

In 2015, she was commissioned by Mr. Owl to capture his Owl Adventures.

About Owl Adventures

Owl Adventures is an ongoing series about the many adventures of Owl and his best friend Penguin. The series started off with illustrations, and then the first book, Owl's Everyday Adventures, came out in 2019. There are currently seven books in the series so far with many more on the way!

You can find Owl, Penguin, and Sarah at markets around the Edmonton, Alberta region. We have big plans for the future, so be sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or by subscribing to our mailing list!